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Owned by Henryk Krzyżanowski, was founded in september 1983. Initially dealing with the national transport only and from 1989 expanding the activities of freight forwarding and international transport.
The   headquarters of our company, including the workshop and administration facilities are based in Rybnik on the Przemyslowa 13 street. The company offers complex services for freight forwarding and international transport, with the use of vehicles which are able to transport up to 24 tones of goods.

We offer both serial and single transports to Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and England - we also concentrate on the southern markets.

Innovative solutions and efforts to achieve high quality of our transports, have guaranteed the company a well-deserved reputation. The number of transports made in the year 2003 was 2700 and from year to year the number is gradually increasing.

The company runs a consistent trade policy aimed at maintaining the current position on the market, as well as its further development, expanding business in domestic transport with the use of modern tautliners. Our company is using MEGA trailers which allows to transport more goods on a single trip for a competitive price (in comparison to STANDARD trailers) and meet our customers demands.

During our many years of activity we received orders from many large plants, we are constantly obtaining new orders including very difficult tasks which raise the prestige of our company on the local market.
The company is appreciated by an invitation to attend the meetings of the Board of the city of Rybnik, where the strategic decisions for the development of the city are being made.
The company is ranked at the forefront of companies serving the local market and is highly valued by other business partners and investors.

In the year 2002 the company PAMTRANS has implemented the Quality Control System according to the norm ISO 90001:2000 All activities are based on detailed procedures of the Quality Management System. In addition, the company is well-known beyond the local market and the owners constant participation in meetings of the Association of International Road Carriers as a very important delegate, raises both the qualifications and prestige of the company.

An example would be receiving in Warsaw in the Office of International Transport Service, the license for transport operations with the number 0000001

Establishment of Pamtrans Company, domestic market
Enlargement of the Company, International market
Re-location of Pamtrans company to it’s new facility, new offices, service facilities, parking lots
Buy-out of "Silesia" Steelworks, creation of PamTrans Logistic Center. Implementation of ISO Quality System 9001:2000. Establishment of first transportation licence in Poland, number 00000001.
PamTrans Logistic Center goes live
Purchase process for new investment field in Gliwice-Sośnica
Support with building A4/A1 highways junction in Gliwice – Sośnica – the biggest highway junction in Poland
Enlargement of Logistic Center in Rybnik, creation of new warehouses to supply raising customer demand
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